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Wastewater Lagoons

The Problem – Inflated Biosolids Costs & Restricted Throughput Capacity

Wastewater lagoons and settling ponds often do not have sufficient mixing or aeration to achieve optimal results. Operators commonly lack lagoon microbiology analyses that are capable of quantifying, optimizing and validating results of various treatment strategies. As a result, operators are left with a lot of guesswork. Biosolids production, dredging, hauling and disposal costs may be significantly greater than necessary, and throughput capacity may be significantly diminished. (See Case Study – Wastewater municipality saves $6 million by reducing lagoon biosolids by 68 million gallons in one year).

The Solution – DNA Optimization & Validation + Mega Bubble Mixers + Biostimulants

WaterTrust is offering a limited number of innovative Pilot Evaluations designed to reduce costs, increase capacities, and deliver attractive ROI for wastewater lagoons facing these challenges. The Pilot Evaluations include three core innovations and will be independently managed and evaluated by Microbe Detectives:

microbe detectives dna analysis

Next Generation DNA Analysis

of lagoon microbiology to establish baseline data, optimize process performance, and validate results.

mega bubble mixer

Innovative Mega Bubble Mixers

that are portable, rugged, low-cost and easy-to-install, requiring only low-pressure air to operate.

microbe detectives dna analysis

Biostimulants and Micronutrients

tailored to the unique needs of each lagoon and easily dosed and dispersed through mega bubble mixers.

Pilot Evaluation Benefits

  • Turnkey Independent Expert Solution
  • No Capital Cost or Construction
  • Attractive ROI
  • Low Risk

Pilot Evaluation Process (6 – 12 months)

Step 1 – Pre-Qualification.

WaterTrust will work with each prospective client at no charge to assess the potential ROI and pre-qualify each evaluation. Pilot Evaluations will only be conducted where ROI opportunities are significant.

Step 2 – Baseline Data Collection.

Baseline data will be collected to ensure each client’s needs, challenges, and opportunities are fully understood and to quantify baseline operating conditions and costs. Next generation DNA sequencing by Microbe Detectives will provide a comprehensive measuring stick of the lagoon microbiology.

Step 3 – Pilot Evaluation Design.

Each Pilot Evaluation will be customized to achieve optimal results at minimal cost and risk, accounting for the unique challenges and opportunities of each wastewater lagoon operation.

Step 4 – Implementation.

Each Pilot Evaluation will be implemented for a period of 6 to 12 months. WaterTrust will provide all required documentation, onsite and/or remote support (depending on location). Clients are responsible for the installation, sample collection, and operations.

Step 5 – Analysis Report with ROI.

Microbe Detectives will provide a detailed analysis report that includes next generation DNA sequencing to validate results, documented cost savings, and Return-On-Investment. This report will also include the projected ROI for a full-scale, production solution.

Step 6 – Implementation of Production Solution.

For clients that would like to continue with the program after the Pilot Evaluation has been completed, WaterTrust will provide a full-scale, production solution that is optimized based on learnings of the pilot.