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4 Keys to Reducing Costs and Improving Results with Wastewater Lagoons


1. Encourage Naturally Forming Microbes

Naturally forming microbes can remove ammonia, facilitate biosolids settling, reduce TSS levels in effluent, consume biosolids, and minimize biosolids buildup in lagoon basins. (See Case Study: Wastewater municipality saves $35 million in capital with a one-step nitrification process).

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2. Measure the Biological Process

Microbe Detectives’ DNA analysis services allow you to see, measure, and control all the microbes that remove and recover Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N), and Phosphorus (P) from waste streams, digest organic waste, and produce clean renewable resources.


3. Add Biostimulants

Biostimulants can facilitate significant savings in biosolids disposal costs by enhancing natural biological processes. (See Case Study – Wastewater municipality saves $6 million in lagoon biosolids costs with a $0.35 million investment in biostimulants in one year).

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4. Optimize Mixing & Aeration

Wastewater lagoons often do not have sufficient mixing or aeration to achieve optimal results. Mega bubble mixing can provide an effective mixing and aeration solution at low cost, enabling naturally forming microbes to produce superior results. (See Example Application – mega bubble mixing in an anaerobic zone of a wastewater treatment process)

Wastewater Lagoon Problems Worth Solving

  • Sub-optimal Ammonia Removal
  • Elevated TSS levels in Lagoon Effluent
  • Increasing Biosolids Dredging and Disposal Costs
  • Decreasing Lagoon Processing Capacity
  • Liability Exposure
  • Environmental Contamination Risks of Offsite Solids Disposal

Independent Expert Assessment

WaterTrust independent pilot evaluations are offered as a turnkey solution including ROI assessment, pilot design, supply of solution components, oversight and analysis.

Pilot Lagoon Evaluaton Timeline

  • Pilot Evaluations are available on a limited basis.
  • Each Pilot will run for 6 – 12 months.

Contact us today for a free ROI assessment and learn if your lagoon qualifies to participate in this program.

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