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Innovator Partners

For Environmental Innovators and Service Businesses, we offer opportunities to join our partner network and collaborate on pilot evaluations. We also offer strategy and marketing services to help improve products, services and drive sustainable growth of your business.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating and distributing useful information to existing and potential clients on a consistent basis. Content should be something your clients are seeking out, it should not be promotional.

Examples of useful content include:

  • educational
  • an employee profile
  • a customer or project experience
  • an unusual or humorous experience
  • new products or services offered
  • comments on relevant news or regulations
  • upcoming events or presentations
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Content should be distributed in a variety of ways for maximum visibility. It should be posted to your website’s blog and on social media (Linkedin/Twitter). A newsletter is an effective way to send a group of content via email plus a printed version for handouts and mailing.

Why do I need Content Marketing?

Content marketing builds trust and awareness by providing relevant information to readers that showcases your expertise. It is a way to keep in touch with existing clients and builds awareness with potential clients. Content marketing also increases your company’s website visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

According for Forbes Magazine, “Companies using content marketing generate 97% more backlinks and land 434% more search engine results pages than those that don’t. This results in five times as many sales leads, and costs them 62% less than traditional marketing methods would.”

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building relationships with potential clients by providing high-quality content on a consistent basis. Eventually, when buyers make a purchase decision, their trust already lies with you.

What is marketing and why do I need it?

Marketing helps your sales team by maintaining good relationships with existing customers by providing continuous communication and staying on their radar. Marketing also builds company awareness to expand your customer base and helps in recruiting new talent. Without marketing, your company can become out of sight, out of mind.

Marketing is not a one-time fix, it is an ongoing strategy that helps businesses grow.

What are modern marketing strategies for the water industry?

Strong, consistent branding

Strong, professional branding indicates that you’re a reputable business. Your logo, color palette, fonts should be used consistently to create a visual identity that immediately connects it to your company, at a glance. Mismatched materials create a chaotic impression and can look visually like different companies without a thorough look. Consistent visuals also save time/money by using guidelines and templates… and not starting from scratch each time.

Ongoing original, relevant, and interesting content.

Content can be in video or written form, it should be worth readers time, not promotional. For example it could be educational, feature an employee and their expertise, a customer or project experience, new products offered, comments on relevant news or regulations, upcoming events/webinars/technical presentations, etc. Content should be distributed in a variety of ways for maximum visibility. It should be posted to your website’s blog (which also helps in search engine optimization), Linkedin posts, emailed and in print form (newsletter) for handouts and mailing.

WaterTrust Marketing Services

Modern marketing takes a substantial effort. We know most mid-market water business owners do not have the time to hire and direct a marketing staff. The WaterTrust team can provide a more economical solution creating ongoing content and distributing for maximum visibility. We have over 30 years experience in water and marketing. We know what works in the water industry. We will meet to learn about your business and create content via phone or video conferencing for short interviews with you and your staff throughout the month, at your convenience. We will present content topics and final copy for approval and will proceed to make it as hand’s-off as possible.

Logo Design and Branding

Strong, consistent visual identity that represents your company

  • logo design or update
  • branding guidelines (fonts/color palette)
  • business card design
  • document template (Word/Google Docs)
  • slide template (PowerPoint/Google Slides)
  • email template (MailChimp/Constant Contact)
logo branding
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Website Development

  • editable/mobile optimized website
  • includes basic search engine optimization
  • integrated blog with social media sharing
  • instruction sheet for editing
  • e-commerce option available
  • quarterly analytics reports

Ongoing Content Creation

  • create original content pieces
  • blog posting with SEO and featured image
  • Linkedin posting
  • quarterly newsletter via email w/reporting
  • quarterly printed newsletter
  • quarterly digital ad or promoted post
  • quarterly promotional printed postcard
  • quarterly promotional email blast w/reporting
  • quarterly promotional landing page
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