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Pilot Evaluations and Turn-Key Solutions

ROI Opportunities​ for Wastewater Activated Sludge & Lagoons​


Evaluate innovative pilot-scale solutions to reduce costs and increase capacities of activated sludge and lagoon wastewater processes that deliver attractive ROI at low risk, without capital expense.​

Process (6 – 12 Months)​

Ensure high % success with ROI pre-qualification​

Pilot Evaluation Design​

Base Line Data Collection​

Implementation ​

Analysis Report with ROI & Innovation Validation​

Environmental Innovations​

Next gen DNA technology to optimize & validate results​

Portable, easy-to-install mega bubble mixers and aeration solutions ​

Customized probiotic bio-enhancement solutions​


Turnkey independent expert solution​

No capital cost or construction ​

Attractive ROI​

Low Risk​

Minimize biosolids dredging, hauling and disposal​
25 – 75%​
Optimize biological removal of ammonia, N2 and PO4
25 – 75%​

Reduce consumption of resources and liabilities​

  • aeration energy consumption​
  • nutrient removal chemicals​
  • offsite disposal of biosolids
10 – 50%​
25 – 100%​
25 – 75%​
Enhance efficiency, capacity, resiliency and sustainability
10 – 50%​