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Water Innovation for Public Good

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Water Innovation for Public Good

Cleaner, healthier, more resilient and sustainable water, while reducing costs.

There is not a shortage of water problems, nor brilliant innovations​ for solving them.

For water system owners,
operators, services and investors

Industries Served:

  • Municipalities​
  • Food Processing & Manufacturing​
  • Agriculture​

Facilities & Processes:​

  • Wastewater treatment / water reclamation​
  • Anaerobic digestion / resource recovery​
  • Landfill leachate treatment / resource recovery​
  • Industrial Water Treatment​
  • Potable Water Systems​

WaterTrust News

Advanced Filtration Dynamic Membrane Technology

Advanced Filtration Dynamic Membrane Technology

Advanced Filtration Dynamic Membrane Technology CORNCOB advanced filtration dynamic membrane technology can convert nearly any wastewater stream into clean reusable water in a small footprint, Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System (DEWATS)....

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Water Jobs for Young Leaders

Water Jobs for Young Leaders

Water Jobs for Young Leaders According to the Association of Water Technologies 2019 Benchmarking Survey, hiring qualified employees is the top challenge over the next five years for middle market water businesses. That's a tough challenge. As a...

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microbe detectives
Microbe Detectives, a WaterTrust business, harnesses the power of modern DNA technology to analyze water and wastewater systems in municipal, industrial and agriculture markets. We empower leaders in facilities, technology, and service with knowledge about their water systems that is unprecedented. This translates into improved protection of human health, capital assets, water resources, and the environment at reduced costs. The company is a 2014 graduate of the Water Council’s BREW accelerator, winner of the 2015 Wisconsin Innovation Awards and 2017 WEF Gascoigne Award, host of the 2017 Microbiome Water Summit, and was selected to participate in the 2018 WEFTEC/BlueTech Research Innovation Showcase.

At Plazer, we believe in the power of innovation and sustainability. Our cutting-edge water solutions harness the potential of high-energy plasma to revolutionize industries and pave the way for a greener future. By utilizing our proprietary system, we enable the production of renewable natural gas and the purification of water, all while making a positive impact on the environment and society. With a commitment to economic and environmental value, Plazer is leading the way in modern clean water and energy solutions that are both forward-thinking and beneficial for all.

Water is our most precious resource—essential to our lives, the environment, and almost every industry. However, our ability to effectively monitor our water assets is lacking. Traditional tools are expensive, complex, and require off-site processing steps. This costs time and money, preventing decisions from being made in real-time. At FREDsense, we are determined to use innovative technologies to change the way the world monitors water quality. We build fast, sensitive, and easy-to-use sensors to detect chemicals in your water. Spend less of your time acquiring data and more of it making decisions.

Learn how DNA tech is opening a new window to the microbial world of water at WaterTrust’s Microbiome Water Summit. “The Microbiome conference was very dense and efficient in use of time and the information presented was very engaging. The event is very timely as this is a fast moving area with great potential.” –Paul O’Callaghan, Founder and CEO of BlueTech Research

microbiome water summit